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These five tips will help you get A’s. Read each tip carefully an start applying them today.

1. Create a timeline. Once you determine the day of the test
work backwards. Budget a specific amount of time every
day. Consider other homework, projects and time needed
to study for other classes as you create your schedule.

2. Review a little each night. Do not wait until a test is
announced to begin preparing for your test. Consider what
would be easier ? reviewing for 5-10 minutes a night or
cramming for three hours the night before a test and only
remembering a fraction of what you studied?

3. Don’t just re-read notes or the text. Ask questions. Create
flash-cards. Redo assignments. Create time-lines. Play
games. Re-write your notes. Get someone to quiz you.
Find websites online that review the same material. Make
up questions that you think will be on the test. Create new
outlines of the material by writing some specific topics and
filling in the details from memory. Studying should be an
active process, not just time spent re-reading something.

4. Ask the teacher what the format for the test will be. Will it
contain multiple choice, true-false, short answer, essay,
diagrams, graphs, equations, etc.? Will any information
such as a periodic table or equations be provided for you
on the day of the test? Do you need to bring a calculator?

5. Visit your teacher or tutor for extra help. Bring questions
that you may have or ask for ideas regarding the best way
to study for a particular assessment.

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