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www.affordabletraining.co.uk marked a new era in learning process by giving a chance to learn about computers on the computer. It was the first of its kind in the field of education started a decade ago. The pioneers of this organization are the famous names like Sohail Khan and Conrad Wilson who became fascinated with the massive potential of the emerging dimension that was the World Wide Web.
Although affordable company was started to show other companies how to sell the Internet and as of its only kind then it offered free phone number to meet with the queries of other companies.
Affordable Training reached the height of success and was marked as the leading self-development training portals for the IT-professional and IT user.
They collaborated with a development house, which made multimedia training projects for companies based in united nation. The unique system behind the courses was called e-campus? – a virtual university environment that linked to the courses both on CD and online. Affordable Training was very early adopters of an LMS (Learning Management System), which is now a buzzword in e learning!
Affordable training continues to serve as the best developing and delivering instructor led CBT courses in U.K.
The advantages one gets on registering as a student of the virtual university campus of Affordable Training are like the free demos, Free Training Newsletter and free E-learning Comparison report. To add to these advantages one gets the Money back Guarantee, Lowest Price Guarantee and Certification Guarantee.
To make the study materials more understandable the course is divided strategically into three parts as the Course for the Beginners, Course for the Professionals and the Course for companies.
The expert training advises are available for 24 hours and all 365 days of a year.
Affordable training supports you with the live mentor, e-campus login, online training login, and course feedback, general FAQs, taking exams, job assistance and training evaluation.

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