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Brick fundraising specialist Larry Cannon (www.bricksculpture.com) has helped hospitals, churches, schools and non-profits raise funds with memorial brick fundraising since 1988. In 1992, a brick fundraising wall raised over $100,000 for Columbus High School in Columbus, Georgia. But the benefits continue on and on.
Susan Bryant, the current principal said that today the name wall is ?meaningful, it gives the alumni a sense of belonging, a sense that they were here.?
There?s never been any graffiti on the donor wall, even though the school itself has the occasional prank, and the location of the memorial brick wall would provide easy access for graffiti. Today donor alumni volunteer school maintenance projects.
Alumni come to Columbus High School looking for their name on the brick wall. It gives a sense of belonging that extends to the family and friends.
Larry Cannon, one of the premier US brick artists, engraved the school logo in a 6- foot-high mural as the centerpiece of the brick fundraising wall. His work is beautiful ? a one-of-a kind brick sculpture. In the hundreds of brick fundraising projects he?s done since 1988, there?s only been 1 case of vandalism and no graffiti on any of his work?.an amazing fact considering how much of his work is in high schools, colleges and on inner-city buildings.
This brick fundraising wall adds to the community in a way that will last beyond a lifetime. The $100,000 in raised funds came in handy in 1992, and the wall continues to give lasting benefits to the school and community.

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