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To continue with Chinese pronunciation…
1. Consonants
There are 24 consonants in pinyin which are pronounced a lot like in English.
b, p, m, f, d, t, n, l, g, k, ng, h, j, q, x, zh, ch, sh, r, z, c, s, y, w
Chinese pronunciation of Consonants
b as in boy
p as in pine
m as in mother
f as in food
d as in dig
t as in talk
n as in none
l as in loud
g as in good
k as in kid
ng as in song
h as in hot
j as in jeep
q like ?ch? in cheat
x like a sound between the ?s? in see and the ?sh? in she
zh like ?dg? in sludge
ch as in children
sh as in shake
r as in raw
z like ?ds? in words
c like ?ts? in eats
s as in son
y as in Yao Ming
w as in we
2. Vowels
There are 6 simple vowels.
a, o, e, i, u, ?
Chinese pronunciation of Vowels
a as in mama
o as in drop
e as in earn
I as in sit
U as in look
? like the u in the French rue
3. Vowel Combinations
In Chinese pronunciation, basic vowels can form vowel combinations with each other or with a nasal consonant.
Chinese pronunciation of Vowel Combinations
– ai like eye
– an sounds like ?ah? with an emphatic ?n? at the end (NOT like ?an? in can)
– ang sounds like ?ah? with a soft ?ng? (NOT like ?ang? in hang)
– ao is like ?ao? in Tao
– ei is like ?ay? in bay
– en is like ?u? in sun
– eng is like ?ung? in sung
– er like ?ur? in purse
– ia is like ya
– iang is like young
– ie is like yeah
– iu is like the ?ou? in you
– ian like yen
– iao is like ?eow? in meow
– in as in ?in? in gin
– ing as in ?ing? in sing
– iong is like pinyin ?yong?
– ong is like ?ong? in kong
– ou is like ?ow? in low
– ua is like ?ua? in guava
– uan like one
– uang like ?oo? + ang
– ui is like way
– un is like ?wou? in would and ending in ?n? sound (woon)
– uo sounds like ?wo? as in wall
– uai is like why
– ua is like ?wa?
– ?an like yuan and written without two dots
– ?e is like ?yue? (?we? in ?wet?)
Now, I know you?re going to ask…
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